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    Briards - Winners of Specialty and Club Shows in Poland.

    The enclosed specification includes all Specialty and Club Shows of Briards in Poland. It does not cover National Shows of FCI Group 1. Specialty Shows were organised by members of Polish Kennel Club - Section in Łódź just before establishing Polish Club of Non-Polish Pastoral Breeds, located in our town. In the same time the name of Special Show was changed to  Club Show. Before 1991 year those shows were organised only bi-annually, because we had had such tradition at that time. Official Polish Briard Club was established  in 1996, after many years of waiting for it. In the same year we had our 1st Club Show of Berger de Brie in Łódź. 6 years later (in 2002 ) we admitted Berger de Beauce to our Club and we changed the name of the Club and Club Shows. And such a status quo has continued until today.


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    Beauceron - Winners of Club Shows in Poland since 2002 year.

    Beaucerons were incorporated into our club in 2002 and results are published from that year on.


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