23. Club Show of Briards & Beaucerons – Słupsk – 1.09.2018


On the pictures from the left side.: 1)  Club Winner, BOS, Club's Leader (CL) – Ch.JEANS de Euskal Herria, photo - Dominika Chodzeń. 2) Club Winner, BOB, CL – Int.Ch.HATSYA Astra Canina, HWT-TS, photo - Maciej Grabas. 3) Club Winner Vet., Best Veteran, CL – Int.Ch.BELLATRIX-MENGO Astra Canina, BH, photo - Anna Derleta.

1) Best Kennel of B&B Club Show 2018 – Astra Canina, (from the left.: Lorelei, Hatsya, Laima, Minerva, Jasira, Lynx). 2) Best Minor Puppy – ODYS de la Noe d'Orient. Both photos - Anna Derleta.

Beaucerons with the title „Club's Leader 2018”: From left. LYNX Astra Canina (Kl.O), photo - Maciej Grabas; JEANS de Euskal Herria (CH.Cl.), photo - Anna Derleta; LAIMA Astra Canina (Op.Cl.), photo - Maciej Grabas; ZANE Grande Satisfaction (Op.Cl.), photo - Dominika Chodzeń; MINERVA-MIRA Astra Canina (Working Cl.), photo - Dominika Chodzeń..

Beaucerons with the title „Club's Leader 2018”: From left. HATSYA Astra Canina (CH.Cl.), photo - Anna Derleta; LORELEI Astra Canina (CH.Cl.), photo - Maciej Grabas; JASIRA Astra Canina (CH.Cl.), photo - Maciej Grabas; BELLATRIX-MENGO Astra Canina (Vet.Cl.), photo - Dominika Chodzeń; FYLGA Astra Canina (Working Cl.), photo -  Anna Derleta.

1) Best Black Dog, Club Winner, BOB, BIS, Club's Leader (CL) – Ch.DAVOS EBONY Naster, photo - Krzysztof Kowalik. 2) Best Fawn Dog, CL. – Ch.BENEDETTO El'Bridorado, photo - Jarosław Konieczny. 3) Best Wirking Dog Of The Show, CL. – Int.Ch.PAN KARMEL Kudłate Serce, photo - Jarosław Konieczny. 4) Best Briard Gray, CL. - Ch.DREAM OF IFE BLUE Asperados, photo - Anna Derleta.

1) Best Fawn Bitch, Club Winner, BOS, CL – Ch.BUHLBINKA Buhlbino, photo - Anna Grządziel-Buhl 2) Best Black Bitch, CL. – Jun.Ch.PL EUFORIA BLUE Asperados, photo - Anna Derleta. 3) Jun.Club Winner, Best Junior – WHITNEY BLACK PEARL Nadina-sis, photo - Anna Derleta. 4) Club Winner Vet., Best Veteran, CL. – Multi, Int.Ch., Sel.FR, NL, HU EZRA de la Source de MarSyliA, photo -  Anna Derleta.

1) Jun.Club Winner, CL – SPLENDOR z Kuźni Championów, photo - Anna Derleta. 2) Best Fawn Dog in Jun.Class, CL – Jun.Ch.PL MARCEL Zefirowe Wzgórze, photo - Iza Pintera 3) Best Fawn Bitch in Jun.Class – BROADWAY STAR Hairy Heaven, photo - Anna Grządziel-Buhl. 4) Part of the prizes, photo - Anna Derleta.

1) Best Puppy - Dog - HUSAR Buhlbino, photo - Anna Grządziel-Buhl. 2) Najlepsze Szczenię Wystawy - HALSZKA Buhlbino. 3) Best Minor Puppy – ENIGMA DE ESCAL z Pierwszej Ligi.  4) Best Couple – Jun.Ch.PL MARCEL Zefirowe Wzgórze & Ch.VIOLETT z Krainy Mgieł. 3 photos - Anna Derleta.

1) Photo - Małgorzata Szmajdzińska. 2) Best Polish Litter – „T” z Kuźni Championów (from the left side.: Thilty, Thex, Thara), photo - Jarosław Konieczny. 3) Best Brood Bitch of B&B Club Show 2018, CL – Ch., Sel DE & NL 2016, Sel.FR 2017 IFE BLUE de la Baie d’Adonis, photo - Katarzyna Ławniczak..


This additional title was awarded by discretion of the Judge  If the Judge considered that the dog was outstanding, he could nominate him for this title. But it refered only the first 3 dogs with excellent notes in classes from Juniors to Veterans (for briards - separately for black). Finally, the title was approved only to these nominated dogs, which had also passed tests of character. It was required to approve this title. Below we present the briards that have received this prestigious title.
From the left. 1) SPLENDOR z Kuźni Championów (Jun.Cl.), photo - Iza Pintera. 2) ESCOBAR BLUE Asperador (Interm.Cl.), photo - Katarzyna Ławniczak. 3) DREAM OF IFE BLUE Asperados (Op.Cl.), photo - Jarosław Konieczny. 4) DAVOS EBONY Naster (CH.Cl.), photo - Anna Derleta. 5) MARCEL Zefirowe Wzgórze (Jun.Cl.), photo - Iza Pintera

1) GEOFFREY RUSH Dilorini (Op.Cl.), photo - Danuta Korczyńska. 2) PAN KARMEL Kudłate Serce (Working Cl.), photo - Iza Pintera. 3) BENEDETTO El'Bridorado (CH.Cl.), photo - Jarosław Konieczny. 4) EUFORIA BLUE Asperados (Interm.Cl.), photo - Iza Pintera. 5) IFE BLUE de la Baie d’Adonis (CH.Cl.), photo - Iza Pintera.

1) MIRACLY de la Source de Marsylia (Jun.Cl.), photo - Anna Derleta. 2) BUHLBINKA Buhlbino (Op.Cl.), photo - Anna Grządziel-Buhl. 3) DORIS DAY del Castello degli Urogalli (CH.Cl.), photo - Iza Pintera. 4) EZRA de la Source de MarSyliA (Vet.Cl.), photo - Anna Derleta. 5) KONTRA z Kuźni Championów (Vet.Cl.), photo - Anna Derleta. This title was also awarded to the bitch VIOLETT z Krainy Mgieł (CH.Cl.) [no photo]. In addition, three nominations were issued, but the title was not approved due to the lack of Polish tests. 

Thank you very much to the owners of dogs for presenting them at our show and to all participants for accompanying us in our common celebration and nice company. We hope that it was for you nice time and good beginning of the weekend.

We sincerely thank all those, who had an influence on the organization of the show and a lot of prizes for its participants. So we thank to:
– President of Słupsk town – Mr Robert Biedroń for his goodwill and Honorary Patronage of our show;
– Branch Board of Polish Kennel Club in Słupsk for hospitality, nice area, lots of prizes and good cooperation;
– Organizing committee for the effort put into preparation and efficient course of the event;
– Mrs Joanna Targowska for great commitment, assistance during the preparatory period and constructive cooperation with the Club;
– Mrs Małgorzata Juszczyk (Club Secretary) for considerable help before and during the show;
– Judge Mrs dr Katarzyna Fiszdon for accepting our invitation and judging dogs in the ring;
– Firms „Bozita” & „Alsa” – the main prize founder, firm „Agus” for gifts for all exhibitors, also firm „Schnaucershop” for prizes for Club Winners;
– Dog Training Center "Grom" from Szczecin for rosettes for briards: the best black and gray dogs and bitches;
– Briards kennel „Zefirowe Wzgórze”, British cats kennel „Gorzovia PL” and beaucerons kennels:: „Astra Canina”, „Grande Satisfaction”, „Sentinelle Noire” & „Sextus Clavus” for cups and material prizes
– Private funders: Bartłomiej & Anna Bajor, Joanna & Rafał Sokół, Jolanta Żółtowska Widera & Dariusz Widera, Maciej Grabas and Małgorzata Juszczyk for rosettes, sashes, blankets and other nice gifts enriching our pool of prizes.

We are very grateful to all of you. Congratulations to the Winners and all other participants of the show. We greet all of you warmly and see you next year in Katowice.

B&B Club Board & Editors of our website

1) Best „Black” Bitch – Jun.Ch.PL EUFORIA BLUE Asperados, photo - Anna Derleta. 2) The Winners. From the left side: Best Junior – WHITNEY BLACK PEARL Nadina-sis, Club Winner, BOB, BIS – Int.Ch.DAVOS EBONY Naster, Club Winner, BOS – Ch.BUHLBINKA Buhlbino, Best Veteran – Int.Ch.EZRA de la Source de MarSyliA. Photo – Iza Pintera. 3) Best Fawn Dog – Ch.BENEDETTO El'Bridorado, photo - Jarosław Konieczny.



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