Dear Friends,
2009 Club Show has become history. I am not going to assess its quality, yet I hope it will be remembered as a nice event.  Warm congratulations to all the winners – I wish you many success to come. I believe the  losers will not give in and do not treat the show as their personal defeat. Club Shows have their own, albeit unwritten rules, and judging is far more strict than at most all-breed shows, and the competition is stronger. What I’d like to mention is the number of prizes which exceeds that at  any previous show. We should feel really indebted to all the sponsors, but the firms and private parties, who supported our show with impressive variety of dog foods, cosmetics, rosettes, cups and other gadgets – surely treasured memories of our show. Joanna Dadej, Małgorzata & Grzegorz Kazanowski, Sylwia Woźniak-Suchorab and Agnieszka Sprada, all briard people, put enormous efforts, financial and material support to make our show such a successful event. Sylwia Krzak  provided great help in establishing contacts with sponsors.   

Those number of prizes was a kind of challenge to the show committee as they had to be properly and promptly  distributed. Many thanks to my small yet so efficient committee, consisting of Kamila & Grzegorz Kowalewski, who smoothly run the main  ring, Aneta & Jarosław Pintera, who took all organization matters   and the Club website, Małgorzata & Wojciech Kaszczyk, acting as secretaries and photographs, and to Jakub Rosztajn, whom I consider an unique person who cannot be replaced. Not only did he prepare all  printed materials – he does everything whenever asked. Thanks to our judges – Messrs  Patrick Jacoulot & Karel Horak, who accepted our invitation and did excellent job, and to Łódź Branch of the Polish Kennel Club for their help.

Considering all efforts, put into preparations, my personal thought is that the number of entries could have been bigger; there have been shows with entries exceeding 100 briards (see Club Shows Archives); however, the quality was excellent.  Even though judges strictly pointed certain faults, e.g. lighter eyes or higher tail carriage, yet I remember the beauty and elegance of black briards and the quality of many fawn ones. Puppies and juniors, in my opinion, enable us to expect good future to our beloved breed. I believe breeders will be working hard on its further development. Although beaucerons did not turn up in big number, those presented undoubtedly  showed good quality.
I have a pleasure to invite all briard & beauceron fanciers to our next show, which will be kindly organized by Katowice Branch of the Polish Kennel Club. Many thanks to everybody for their coming, for sportsmanship and good atmosphere. See you all in 2010 !

Best Regards,

Ewa Dorota Sobolta, Club Chair


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